David Cassel’s “Exit Strategy”

Busland Film and Music Studio presents David Cassel’s “Exit Strategy – A Berlin Story”, January 28th, 2023.  Tickets are €25 each, seating is limited to 20. Select the number of tickets you want, click “add to cart” and then click on “view cart” to check your order. If all is in order, you will be taken to the PayPal site where you can pay by PayPal. If you don’t have Paypal, you can pay for tickets using a Bank transfer to IBAN DE49 1005 0000 6015 5470 98. Then send me an email to theukuelebandito(at)gmail.com to confirm payment. I will then send you tickets and a map to the location. This event is not being promoted on social media!






Using original songs, comedy, film, poetry and his very own, very personal style of madness, David Cassel brings his 45 years of performance experience into an energy charged evening that presents the story of how he and his daughter came to live in an old 1985 school bus on one of the last remaining undeveloped prime pieces of real estate in the center of Berlin’s capital city.  

With a few comic side journeys to “Fear of the future” and “Life during lockdown”, “Exit Strategy” delves into how the Cassel family innovates while the world continues to throw ridiculous and completely unnecessary curve balls.

Ticket price includes Homemade pizza and a soft drink.  A guaranteed good time.

In 2019, at the height of the pandemic, David and his daughter Grace found themselves without accommodation. Having just moved to Germany from Canada in 2017 to exploit work opportunities by travelling around the country, they got caught in that special place where, although 10,000 apartments were available in Berlin, none were at a price that they could afford given that all work and income earning opportunities had completely evaporated. People were being told to lock down in the comfort of their own homes but no thougt or plan had been put in play to deal with people who found themselves, unexpectedly, in precarious situations. Thankfully their tour bus “LUL522X” filled that void, but the problem that immediately presented itself was that there was no place to legally park.

It was in February 2020, after 9 months of living from parking lot to parking lot, that several national news services picked up on their story and decided to do what they could to draw attention to their situation. Shortly thereafter, the good people at Theater Haus Mitte came to the rescue and provided a parking space in the back yard of Berlin’s premiere cultural rehearsal and production facility.


A story was done by Germany’s national broadcaster, ARD, that summed up the circumstances. You can watch it here:


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIz3tJlW42s[/embedyt]


Of course this situation is a tenuous one and they do not know how long they will be able to stay there. It is all at once a dream come true and nightmare of uncertainty. It has been two years so far and, while they continue to look for a reasonable and affordable location to put their bus and put down roots inside of an ever shrinking economy, there are a multitude of more foreboding obstacles to overcome. Affordable housing, or parking, is simply unavailable in the Berlin area. Recovering financially from the quagmire of lost job opportunities and the simultaneous increase in the cost of living have made it next to impossible to save enough to rent anything.

Mean while, the price of everything has doubled. Rats are starting to chew at the wiring of the bus asking the question “When it comes time to leave this place, will the bus operate correctly?

It is guaranteed to be an evening of gripping theater, song and, yes, of course, comedy because life is too short to let a set of completely unnecessary challenges get the better of you!