Algorithm Blues

Algorithm Blues

Algorithm Blues by The Ukulele Bandito


The Ukulele Bandito | Algorithm Blues (Extended Stix Mix) OFFICIAL

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 About This Song

I wrote this song after doing the math and working out how much I was going to have to spend to get some traction on the internet for some of my videos, songs and sketches. Everyone wants to go viral and, if you have the cash, it can be pretty easy. But if you don’t, gaining access to the digital realm and connecting with the public can be a pretty tough slog. Most of the internet sensations are accidental or heavily financed. Trying to plan a grass roots approach isn’t always going to work unless you have a bazillion hours to sit in front of a computer.

The simple truth is, if you have the cash, technology is your friend, if you don’t, then it isn’t.

This is my tribute to all of the You Tube pioneers, past, present and future, who have figured out how to crack a viral sensation without parting with huge sums of cash just because they work that they create is really really good.

I’d like to thank Peter Beck for playing the guitars and piano, Brian Knox McGugan for providing a kicking bass line and Sound Engineer Todd Connell for doing the final mix free of charge. You all rock.

I’d also like to thank my wife and daughter for putting up with me setting up a green screen studio in our dining room for the past three months so I could shoot this on a shoe string budget.

Want to play a cover of my song?  Here are the words!

Algorithm Blues – Lyrics

I’d like to find this song

At the top of the charts

I want to get it into

everyone’s hearts

There’s only one thing

That gets in my way

All the money to the web

I gotta pay

I have to write my songs

In binary code

So my internal systems

Don’t overload

I use keywords

To tighten my SEO

If I get it right

This song might explode

I’ve written some songs

In rhythm and blues

Pop songs make me sing

Like I’m blowing a fuse

Punk and Nuwave

give a vintage kind of kick

Sometimes I bang arisen

Just with a stick

I’ve found an algorithm

Right here in my pants

I know it’s the right one

Because it makes me want to dance

Join my algorithm

Come and dance with me

If you want to dance

You don’t need a degree

They say computer science

Is the way to go

If you study algorithms

You’ll be in the know

Buy some Google ad words

Show the world your face

With 3 million views

I could get out of this place

This song is pretty Meta

It’s a song about itself

It must be self reflexive

If I want fame and wealth

I need a higher ranking

Back links are what I need

I got a plant that viral

Digital seed

Subscribe to my channel

It will be a lot of fun

Hit the like me button

So This hit is number one

Tell all your friends about it

It is the only way

I need 1 billion views

Because I got high rent to pay

I’d like to find the song

at the top of the charts

I want to get it into

everyone’s hearts

I need to get myself

53 billion views

Then my algorithm Will make

Internet news

For my algorithm blues paragraph

I need that news

For these voyeuristic, anachronistic, very artistic

Algorithmic blues

©2017 words and music by David Cassel