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The Pavement Stage

is an exploration of outdoor performance in all of its different forms and provides an in depth overview to a world and lifestyle unlike any other. From 1979 through to the present, David Cassel has travelled around the world to over 40 countries creating, presenting and experiencing a wide range of solo and ensemble street performances. His
voyages have revealed some fascinating insight into the techniques and performance styles used by himself and some of the other personalities that have populated this extremely vital and satisfying form of public interaction and community development. As street performance has grown in popularity internationally so has the civic policy that governs the public space in almost every city on the globe. Whilesome cities celebrate the form through festival, others outlaw it. Why does street performance create such an extreme reaction, are street performers anarchists?

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The Yin and Yang of All Things

Since 2012 I have existed as two personalities; The Ukulele Bandito is my positive face. He is the mask I put on to shield those around me from the inner turmoil, created by external forces over which I have no control. He plays bright colourful songs full of love happiness and generally celebrates the joy of being. Complainerman was created so that I could explore themes that had no commercial value beyond the songs and videos themselves.

This album brings together these two dynamic ideas with 20 songs in a special double album.

Recorded and Mastered at Busland Film and Music Studio, Berlin Germany 2020.

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CDArtBackOddCuriousOddities and Curiosities

is the soundtrack to an unmade film. I like to be able to see everything in its complete form in my mind before embarking on a concrete visual adventure. For me the best way to do this is through music. As the scenes for the script unfold, I begin to sculpt the atmospheres and moods that colour the backgrounds and endow the audience member with a sense of place. For this particular treatment certain elements and descriptions have been left out so that the listener can fill them in for themselves. What characters look like, what kind of settings does the action take place in, how are characters interacting are mostly left to the imagination with anchors for my bigger idea placed along the way.

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The Ukulele BanditoCDArtTUBFront CDArtTUBBack

I have always wanted to have a family, it has been the biggest ambition of my life. On April 18 of 2012 I was blessed with one when my partner, Iwona, gave birth to our beautiful healthy daughter, Grace Juno Cassel. This album of songs represents 18 months of composition and recording while we waited for her to arrive and the months leading up to her first birthday, which happens to be the release date of this Album. I dedicate this album to her and her future.

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I have written and produced many original scripts.  To find out more about my writing history, or to purchase a script, check me out on Doollee.com