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Since 1995 Space Commander has travelled the globe bringing communities together with his unique multi award winning performance that continues to stand the test of time.  More relevant now than it has ever been before, The Space Commander show is all about participation, cooperation and, of course, hilarity to fight crime, celebrate diversity and create unity. A classic show with timeless appeal, this show is always a festival favourite.

Called “A Master” by the Limburg Dagsblad and winner of the 1995 European Outdoor Performer of the Year Award, Space Commander is considered a bench mark in outdoor theatre and street performing.  The unique performance style, a non reliance upon props and a huge  emphasis on audience participation all work together to manifest the finale of the show where Space Commander proves that he can fly!

Space Commander Live on Video

Space Commander Demo








Space Commander at Theatre Terras, Amersfoort, Netherlands 2009








Space Commander at Carnaval Sztuk-Mistrow, Lublin, Poland 2012








Space Commander in Llublijana, Slovenia 2011 (full show)








“I’m coming into your living room!”









Original Full Length Space Commander Demo.  I used to make video tape copies and send them around the world by snail mail at great expense. I used to love making the letters that I sent along with my packages of postcards and posters.  I would often include copies of my comic book and stickers too!  send me $25 for postage by paypal and I’ll send you one  so you can feel the nostalgia!  VHS copies are out of stock, but I still have lots of CDs and DVDs!!







“A Master. Nothing but pleasure in this beautifully constructed act!”

de Limburger, Masstricht, Netherlands

“Winner of the Golden Street Cobble”

Rotterdams Dagblad Netherlands

“Full on High Energy Stuff”

IN PRESS, Melbourne Australia

“A Robin Williams of Street theatre”

Adelaide Advertiser, Australia

“An attack on the funny bone.”

Die Aachner, Germany

“He says he will fly… and he does!.”

Czas Krakowski, Poland


Special Award, Insel Usedom Klien Kunst Festival, D

Best Performance, 15/15 Film Festiva/Cinemedia AUS

Best Outdoor Performer, CAV AUS

Best Visual Comedy Artist, CAV AUS

Outdoor Performer of the Year Rotterdam, NL

Best Comedy Artist, CAV Awards, Melbourne AUS

Best New Comedy Artist, Channel 10 Television, AUS

Best Act, Kingston CAN

Best Act, Coffs Harbour,AUS

Space Commander’s  Mini Web Series Available NOW!

The epic time travel crime fighting voyage “Space Commander’s Adventures in the Vortex” is here!  Twenty two years in the making, “Space Commander” started out as a street show in 1993.  In 1999, I was asked by Scienceworks Museum in Australia to create an action adventure Space Commander multimedia show to celebrate the turning of the new millennium.  It was a dream come true.  Back then the internet was in its infancy, but I went ahead any way and shot this project hoping that one day I could release it to the world.  Subscribe and tune in from May 1st at 12 noon PWT for a temporal roller coaster ride unlike any other.

You are just one click away from adventure! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Vortex HD – Episode Guide (Season 1)

“Hand Me The Dongle” | S01E01 | Duration:  7:50

The first episode of Vortex where Doctor Zirconain takes delivery of “The Dongle™” for “The Zirconian Timeshifter.™” and is confronted by his adversary Whiffle.  But wait, who is that mysterious figure lurking in the background? Could it be Space Commander disguised as mild mannered scientist Neuter Pizzley?

“In the Year 2000” | S01E02 | Duration: 4:15

Whiffle, Kit and Kat arrive in the year 2000 and prepare to wreak temporal havoc.  A group of unsuspecting theatre goers get more than they bargained for on a day out at The Scienceworks Museum in Melbourne, Australia.  Space Commander arrives, but what’s he going to do?

“Bomb Disposal” | S01 E03A | Duration: 2:15

In this episode, Space Commander disposes of the bomb while Whiffle hijacks an electric vehicle from David Smith of D and N Smith Electric Vehciles, which just happens to have WMD’s inside of it.  Who would have guessed?

“Evacuate!” | S01E03B | Duration: 4:20

In this episode, Space Commander evacuates the theatre, makes sure the audience is safe and restores order.  He then takes the audience along with him to look for clues that will lead them to Whiffle.

“Battlefield” | S01E04A | Duration: 4:20

In this episode, Space Commander confronts Whiffle in a field, while Kit and Kat begin to question Whiffle about his intentions after he changes the future.

“Battlefield Live” | S01E04B | Duration: 3:20

In this episode, Space Commander and his followers are attacked by Whiffle and the mechanoids.  Will they survive?  Probably, but only if the adults use the children as breathing apparatus.  There are a lot of kids around, so that should be a doable thing.

“A Matter of Mechanoids” | S01E05A | Duration: 2:40

In this episode, Space Commander spys on Whiffle and the Mechanoids from an hidden location using his “InvisoScreen™” while the evil trio discuss some work related issues.

“A Matter of Mechanoids Live” | S01E05B | Duration: 3:45

In this episode, Space Commander and his followers watch Whiffle and the Mechanoids discuss some work related issues from a secret location created using the “The Space Commander Inviso-Screen” ™.

“The Time Engine” | S01E06A | Duration: 3:35

In this episode Space Commander enters the inside of the Time Engine itself to find Whiffle trying to change history. Kit and Kat have a change of attitude. Change is the only constant, except when it comes to the past. Nothing changes in the past.

“The Time Engine Live” | S01E06B | Duration:  5:00

In this episode Space Commander and his followers enter the heart of the Time Engine in search of Whiffle.  Space Commander explains the importance of being quiet to his followers.   Kit and Kat do everything they can to stop him, but for some reason, Space Commander is missing something important.

“Lost in a Sea Of Time” | S01E07A | Duration: 3:00

In this episode, Space Commander finds Whiffle at the controls of another Timeshifter. Whiffle discovers a horrible secret and tries to escape!

“Lost in a Sea Of Time Live” | S01E07B | Duration: 3:40

In this epsiode, The Mechanoids, Kit and Kat, show Space Commander and his followers where  Whiffle is hiding.  Whiffle is at the controls of another Timeshifter and makes a shocking revelation!

“Reunion”  | S01E08 | Duration: 3:30

The final episode reveals fundamental truth about time travel.  Can’t say any more or else it will spoil all the fun! Be sure to watch the credits, a lot of people worked on this for the chance at a screen credit and this is their 2 second shot at working their way into your lives.

What will you do now? You have two choices. You can visit the year 1927 and watch Space Commander’s origin story “Birth of a Hero”, OR you can enter the Vortex and randomly choose from another adventure in the Space Commander Time Universe. New episodes added regularly.