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My career as a flash animator began in 1996 when I was sponsored by Macromedia to create a live interactive show for their booth at UCON 97 in Melbourne Australia. During the interactive film revolution of the early 2000’s, I used Flash in concert with LSP (Live Stage Professional) to create an immersive interactive, choose your own adventure style, video viewing experience.  Using Flash as an animation tool together with Action script coding and xml, I was able to engineer a multi-language switching web site engine that allowed my international clients to present their websites in as many as 7 languages with instaneous pre programmed translation modules.

Since then I have spent 20 years creating a large volume of flash based animations in all styles and genres for use on line for a wide range of clients.  You can see examples of my work in this video playlist:

The Ukulele Bandito

An animation, created in flash using video paste up.  I created this to accompany the release of my album of the same name.







I have a lot of training in physical theatre and comedy and like to infuse that knowledge into my aniamtions when ever possible.  The Bike Boy cartoon involves Bike boy performing the biggest trick ever that involves a trick bike, ramps, juggling, farting a chainsaw and doing a back flip all at the same time.  All created in Flash.





Princess Gracie | Episode 1| Count to 10 

I have a four year old and take an active interst in her eduction.  As part of her development I have been creating some simple cartoons to help her along.  This is the first in a series.  I also created the music for this cartoon.





Space Commander | Animated Adventures | Episode 1

A cartoon created for the on line super hero adventure “Space Commander – Adventures in the Vortex”.  “Vortex” is a time travel adventure that consists of 120 minutes of film, video and animation that I created between 1994 and 2006.  It will be launched as a series of 26 x 1 to 3 minute mini webisodes in June 2016.





TVL Nieuws | Opening Splash Titles |Belgium

This is an add spot I created for TVL in Belgium. It was used to introduce segments on their website and a pro res video version was created and used on television for many years to open the evening news broadcast.






5 Biospheres 

This is an animated music video featuring the music of Aeroplan from Belarus.  It was created in flash after converting all of the images into vectors.








3ivx Flash Commercial

In 2001 I was asked by the 3ivx corporation, an on line video compression company, to develop an online flash video using the smallest file size I could manage after being given a select group of photos. After some serious image optimization, this is what I came up with at an on line streaming file size of 554 kb.  The audio was crunch then, part of the reason the file size was so low.  I also created the audio track for this animation Using a Roland MC-505.

I created the animated lens flare at the beginning from vector art that i created piece by piece.

I packed a whole lot of punch into my 50 seconds. I’m very proud of this.  It was fettered on their website home page from 2001 through 2003.


Atmospheric Drag

This educational film was created for Aerospace Music and is one of several projects I have completed for them.  Each project that I do for them involves creating words and music and then stryboarding and producing the final presentation.  I call this my video paste up style.  It involves taking pieces of video and inserting them into animated segments so that the two are fused.




Plug Goes In | 3D Animation

This was my first 3D animation.  I put it here mostly for the sake of nostalgia because at the time I made it  I didn’t own any 3D software.  A friend was gracious to give me a very basic non pro package called Strata Studio Pro, no manual, and told me to see what I could do with it.  I tinkered around with it for a couple of days. Then set to work on the thing that had been in my head since I got the 3D bug.

I and my musical buddy Peter Beck put together a surf music track to go with it.




Harry The Last Chance 

In 2015 I was the lead animator on “Harry the Last Chance”.  This  cartoon was created for a parody rock band called “Win or Gamble” in the UK.  I was provided with a music track to which I created imagery and scenes based on ideas suggested by the client.  The cartoon was created entirely in Flash.

Warning:  This cartoon contains adult themes and is not suitable for children.