A.I is Coming for My Job

The world is being taking over by Robots, but we all know this.

An email I got earlier today.

Letter From Isabella at Beatopia

Hey David!

It’s Isabella from Beatopia, a platform helping rappers and singers.

We recently launched Deep Flow which is a new tool that uses AI to help songwriters create better lyrics. It works in many genres and languages and uses the meaning of your own lyrics to suggest new ideas.

I would love to chat with you and get your feedback on it.

Best regards,


My Reply to Isabella

Dear Isabella,

I have always prided myself on creating exceptional lyrics and having an endless number of fresh ideas, it’s what I get paid to do. Being that I am a human being expressing human needs, desires and passions using skills I have spent my life developing. As an artist, I have managed to stay alive and earn a good living doing what I do. My success is linked to my connectivity to the human condition. What I do is organic, non mechanical and, I have discovered, touches human souls because it comes from deep inside me specifically…uniquely.

The last thing I want is for A.I. to take my job. I don’t think that A.I. should be doing anything creative because creative people are the last remaining obstacle to complete machine domination. A.I. only allows those without talent to crowd a market place in which they were never meant to exist. If you aren’t willing to put in the time to learn and improve then you should not be doing this. Using A.I. to help you is dishonest. It is cheating. It is soul less.

Talent is rare and it should remain that way. Making it possible for anybody to be a “genius” and not have to train to do that for hours and hours and hours on end is monstrous in my view. It puts the profit motive before human condition and THAT will be the end of us all.

Oh, I feel a song coming on.


Thanks anyway.

The Ukulele Bandito

The Final Analysis

Yes, I understand. The writing is on the wall. The world is embracing Chat GPT and AI because of those that do will gain an advantage in business. This cannot be disputed. I have looked at, and engaged with, A.I. and chat GPT and can see what it does.

I had it right a poem about itself. I asked some questions and it came back with some really good reactions and answers. I can see how easily it would be to become creatively lazy and allow the chat bot to do all of the work. And that is where we sit in history. Those with no skills will enter the marketplace, as I’ve said before, with no real talent displacing those would’ve worked their entire lives to become good at what they do. This is unfair. But we all know the world is fair. Now the world is just unfair and more pathetic than it has ever been. In my view, humanity is in decline and we will soon be usurped by our robot overlords. Sooner than you think.

I will not deny that it is a great tool. Many potentially great tools have been created in the past that have only served to subjugate and enslave humanity more than improve it. There are many examples I could cite. The splitting of the atom, lauded as the answer to all of our energy needs. It was first used to creste bombs that killed hundreds of thousands, Then came the nuclear power plants that have decimated our oceans (Fukishima) and made people sick, or dead by polluting our environment (Chernobyl).

The smart phone, lauded as our very own personal assitnt, helped us descend into digital tribalism. Instead of bringing us together, as communication is meant to do, it has divided us like we have never been divided before, creating hate and scorn on a level never witnessed so freely before in human history.

There are dozens of examples where humanity has developed some new fangled thing without any thought to the long-term ramifications it will have on our society. Most things have been developed purely for the purpose of profit, whether we need them or not.

To close of this chapter of The Inter-Continental David Cassel, I will present this set of song lyrics create by the Chat Bot after I asked it to write about how our Democracy has been perverted by Corporate Interest. Here is what it came up with.

**It is important to point out that, no matter what you input, Chat GPT goes out of its way to always come up with a happy ending even if all of the information you have input proves that nothing good will come of this. Based on the lyrics it came up with, I would have to assume that this Chatbot is a socialist and a bit of a fire starter (read as “troublemaker”).

Change things through voting and politics. Please, give me a break. I wanted this to be an angry song.

With the booted foot of fascism pressing down on all of our faces, Chat GPT is just happy happy happy!

Use the chords C, G Am and F, play in a happy uplifting manner and sing along!

The End of Democracy
a song by Chat GPT

(Verse 1)

In the halls of power, where decisions are made,

Corporate lobbyists hold sway, their influence displayed,

Democracy perverted, a system gone astray,

The will of the people silenced, fading away.


Corporations as people, a legal charade,

With deep pockets and power, their interests cascade,

Committing crimes with impunity, no justice in sight,

The scales are imbalanced, casting shadows of blight.


But we won’t surrender, we’ll rise and reclaim,

A democracy for the people, where justice can’t be tamed,

In the face of apathy, we’ll ignite the flame,

To restore the power, and make our voices proclaim.

(Verse 2)

From the grassroots, a movement emerges,

A call for transparency, justice that surges,

We seek to restore the balance, a system made fair,

Where corporate interests no longer pollute the air.


Let’s challenge the notion, corporations as beings,

Hold them accountable, for their reckless dealings,

No more impunity for crimes that they commit,

A world where justice prevails, we won’t acquit.


But we won’t surrender, we’ll rise and reclaim,

A democracy for the people, where justice can’t be tamed,

In the face of apathy, we’ll ignite the flame,

To restore the power, and make our voices proclaim.


In a world where people grow weary and disengage,

We must rekindle hope, inspire a new age,

Education and awareness, the seeds we must sow,

To show the true strength when united, we grow.

(Verse 3)

So let’s exercise our vote, a powerful tool,

To reshape the landscape, where fairness can rule,

Engage in dialogue, let our voices be heard,

Together we’ll shape a future where justice is spurred.


Reforming campaign finance, dismantling the walls,

Of corporate influence, as democracy calls,

A collective effort, the change we must demand,

To reclaim our power, united we’ll stand.


And we won’t surrender, we’ll rise and reclaim,

A democracy for the people, where justice can’t be tamed,

In the face of apathy, we’ll ignite the flame,

To restore the power, and make our voices proclaim.


In the end, our efforts will bear fruit, A democracy restored,

where people take root, With renewed faith and participation at its core,

We’ll create a happy ending, a future to adore.

David Cassel(http://www.davidcassel.com)
I have been working professionally as a writer, director, designer, teacher, and performing artist since 1978. I have spent my career traveling the world creating and presenting original inter-disciplinary productions that have convergence and hybridization as their central creative principles. Each of my performance explorations bring together a multitude of elements including comedy, clown, character, story, narrative, acting technique, circus skill, juggling, acro balance technique, acrobatics, choreography, dance, improvisation, and, most importantly, human interactivity. In addition to a robust international performance career, I have continuously created numerous educational curricula for classes and workshops in physical theatre and sport oriented performance and a variety of related disciplines that have been presented through primary, secondary and tertiary school systems in Canada, Australia, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany and Poland. While always maintaining a relationship with outdoor performance and spectacle, I have extensive indoor experience as a Theatre Designer, Film Maker, Digital Programming Specialist, Educator, Producer and Artistic Leader. I have developed learning processes that integrate on line digital education with an intensive live physical theatre training program. I like to think that my work is an example of the kind of Digital and Physical convergence that 21st century technology was created to facilitate. In 2015, I won APA Pixie Award for Visual Effects and in 1995 I was awarded European Outdoor Performer of the Year (Rotterdam)for my solo production of "Hotch's 3D TeeVee" I have had the pleasure of seeing my face on the front page of 7 international newspapers was given 3 Australian University Comedy Performance Awards and one Short Film awards for my short film "Finding TIbby Harsh". To date I have performed and taught in over 30 countries.